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We have the most efficient way to purify the indoor air of your home, neutralize odors and eliminate toxic mold.


We offer extensive air purification services for business from apartment complexes to veterinarian offices. Give us a call Today!


You spend a great deal of time in your car, help keep your family safe by removing harmful toxins, smog fumes and allergens.

O2 Restorations – Where Fresh Air Begins

O2 Restorations, is an Air Purification Service, to your “indoor pollution solution”.  Our Technician specializes in destroying all unwanted living organisms like Mold, Odors, Pests, Bacteria and Viruses without destroying the contents in Homes, Buildings and Automotives of all kinds.

Our process stands out due to the fact that it is not a temporary fix, instead a long term service, to cure your most primal needs for a healthier life…clean air.  This is WHERE FRESH AIR BEGINS!

After completing each Air Purification treatment the new air will be the healthiest you will experience. It’s noninvasive, noncombustible, environmentally friendly leaving behind pure clean oxygen without residue and chemical free. This “Green” process is EPA Approved and can reduce many health issues.

This amazing technology process leaves Residential, Commercial, Automobiles, and much more sanitized and deodorized with Results Guaranteed! Even electronic devices benefit from our treatment allowing then to last longer. This service pays for itself with reduction in Doctor visits, medications, cleaning products, loss of fresh food, furniture and electronic replacements!




  • We contacted “O2 Restorations” because of the mold issues in our home. My wife suffers from Asthma and Allergies, health issues known to be triggered by household molds. The effectiveness of “O2 Restorations” to remove the mold & musty odor was beyond our expectations. After the treatment it was impressive to see first the mold spores completely dead, and secondly witness how easily it was vacuumed off the walls leaving no trace of it or residue. The musty odor is completely gone and replaced with fresh clean air. We found the experience to be extremely effective, professional, and well worth the cost. Rest assured, we will be recommending “O2 Restorations” to family, friends, and pulmonary doctor. Thank you “O2 Restorations” for a positive experience.

    “O2 Restorations” – you rock!

    Mr. & Mrs. Jimenez
    Spring Hill, FL
  • We are very happy with our recent treatment completed at our home.  My daughter has many allergies and after several weeks her allergies decrease greatly.  The house smells clean and I can attest to the fact the house feel more oxygenated.  I would highly recommend 100% O2 Restorations to all my patients and friends!


    Dr. David Moreno M.D
    Brooksville, FL
  • Saved my sofa! My sofa was contaminated with cigarette smoke. I had it dry cleaned and the smell came back. I tried numerous sprays and the smell came back. After receiving a flyer, from Angel, he assured me he could get rid of the smell. I was skeptical at first, but had him come and treat the sofa. He performed a miracle! It has been a month and there is no odor at all. It is as good as new. Great customer service.


    Weeki Wachee, FL
  • I love the way my car smells and the wonderful job you did cleaning it, it’s the cleanest I have ever seen it. Once again thank you for everything you did it was awesome!


    Brooksville, FL
  • I had O2 Restorations service my Lincoln Navigator to remove the musty smell and dog odor in my vehicle. It is now several weeks later and I am happy to say I am very pleased with the results.


    Brooksville, FL
  • I contacted O2 Restorations due to a musty-stale smell in my truck whenever I would turn on the heater or air conditioner.  Angel installed his equipment  and within a few hours the treatment was completed. I could not believe  the difference the air smelled fresh and no more musty-stale smell.


    Brooksville, FL
  • My name is David, in February 2015 I was dealing with mold issues due to water entering the trunk  through a broken taillight of my 1999 Oldsmobile Alero.  The car sat for about a year and a half and I did everything possible to resolve the issue. After receiving a flyer in the mail, from O2 Restorations I decided to give them a try. Mr. Angel Pabon placed one of his machines in the vehicle for approximately 3 hours and to my disbelief the smell was gone. It has been over a month, since having the car treated and my car smells like it just came off the lot. Now I can actually drive my car.


    Kissimmee, FL
  • As an allergy sufferer I found myself sneezing all the time, with sinus infections and upper respiratory issues which lead to constant visits to the doctor . One place I found myself constantly sneezing was my car. After receiving a flyer, from O2 Restorations, I decided to have my car treated. After all what did I have to lose, after exhausting all other options.  Not only was I completely satisfied with the professionalism, but most importantly the results were amazing. Since having my car treated, not only so I sneeze significantly less, but my chest is no longer congested. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone with health issues, you owe it to yourself.  Thank you O2 Restorations for living up to your word!


    Spring Hill, FL
  • I travel quite a bit and always carry my pet with me.  O2 Restorations completely removed the pet odor from my car, quickly and professionally

    Gregory Phillips
    Happy Client
  • I definitely recommend O2 restorations. My son suffers from Asthma attacks so keeping the air in our home allergen free is important. Angel was great, very easy to work with!

    Stefan Carlos
    Happy Client