O2 Restorations Service

02 Restorations utilizes the MOST ADVANCED “state-of-the-art” technology to kill bacteria, viruses, mold, pests, concealed odors, and harmful contaminants which have destructive effects on the environment in which we live.  A home is a perfect incubator for mold!

Our treatment process kills unwanted “indoor pollutants” in most structures within twelve (12) to twenty- four (24) hours or more depending on the severity of the condition.  Our experienced Technician determines the appropriate length of time per treatment to ensure that each service exceed O2 Restorations expectations!

Our fully patent technology is so powerful it consumes 32 cubic feet of oxygen per minute.

It performs beyond expectation during treatment which manage to seek out all the air in each room, then in ducts and down into the HVAC system, behind walls, through baseboards, light switches, outlets, deteriorating grout, and any other areas mold can infiltrate in a home and etc…  This process is more effective compared to a duct cleaning service which only vacuums out a small percentage of debris in homes.  Most individuals have a misconception that debris in ducts is what makes them sick, instead it is the live mold and other contaminants circulating in your ducts that effect their health. “Polluted air is responsible for 94% of all respiratory problems.”

Statistic shows that about 50% or more homes in the United States have (SBS) Sick Building Syndrome, indoor mold, and unwanted odor which causes sickness, infection, etc… Are you experiencing some of these issues?

Invisible mold can be the # 1 reason for chronic health issues and could lead to death!
In about 85% of the cases occupants declining health is a big concern. By the time you see or smell mold, it is already an epidemic throughout a structure and (SBS) Sick Building Syndrome is well rooted.

Mold is so invasive it eats into concrete, fabric, wood, plastic, leather, grout, and most of the items in your home except glass.
So imagine what it does to your body overall!

The outdated and ineffective methods of bleaching walls, painting over problem areas, tearing out walls, ripping apart floors, etc., are all temporary solutions because the mold is still alive!

The “cover-up” methods only address specific visible areas on the surfaces in homes and businesses where you see larger visible colonies. Example black spot on walls or ceilings, and etc…  It does not fix the microscopic mold living in the rest of the building, A/C system, ductwork, or behind the walls, which you are not able to treat.

Traditional mold remediation primarily deals with removing contaminated structures.  Even with immediate renovations after water intrusion, mold and its musty odor would most likely occur again within one (1) to five (5) years later.

Our mission is to save structures using the MOST ADVANCED technology!

O2 Restorations, your Air Purification Service can proudly say we can easily resolve 99% of your indoor mold,  and odor issues with “Results Guaranteed”!
Our treatment is Non-invasive; natural, residue and chemical free!


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